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PROVE ALL THINGS | 1 Thessalonians 5:21

1501 S. Main St., Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA | Saturdays @ 10:30am EST

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Attend our sermon/Bible study in Kannapolis, NC or watch online by clicking the LIVE STREAM button above. Service begins at 10:30 am Eastern Standard Time.

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Non-denominational and strongly Bible-believing in the fundamentals of scripture (e.g. the deity of Christ, the plenary inspiration of scripture, Salvation by Grace alone and not by works, the true Gospel concerning Christ);  Our Ministry was incorporated in April 1984 by Pastor and CEO, Dr. Keith Slough.  Our school, Ambassador Christian College, was founded by the Ministry in 2003 and has operated consecutive years since that time.   Our Ministry is strictly nondenominational and independent, and not affiliated with any other church or ministry.

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Lord Jesus I Adore You

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Jesus Our Lord

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Our Mission & Vision

At Christian Fellowship Ministries,
our vision and mission is simple

At Christian Fellowship Ministries, our mission is to preach the true Gospel to people around the world and to teach them the deeper truths about the Bible.

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When will Russia attack Israel

July 27, 2019, Dr. Keith Slough

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